Both Feminist and Conservative Women Comdemn of Comedy Show which Mocks Rape:

There was a short play aired on Haberturk TV channel as the first episode of a comedy show, Golgede Muhabbet.  It is difficult for me to describe this piece but I have to highlight some aspects of it which were met with strong disapproval and was condemned immediately by feminists, as well as conservative women in Turkey.

The play is enacted by two men. They were basically portraying the raping of Fatmagul by four men from a popular TV serial, “Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne?” as a football match. One of the men enacts Fatmagul, the other a voice-over match speaker. The sketch finishes with the speaker’s disgusting announcement “Guys 4-Fatmagul 0”.

The video of this play became very popular on the TV channel’s website as well, with around 6000 viewings just the next day of the show. However, the disapproval from women also came immediately. The feminist networks started an email campaign against the show, and are planning other activities condemning the show. MEDIZ (Women’s Media Watch Group) released a condemnation statement about the program to the press.

The program is also condemned in a press release by AKODER, (Association for Protecting and Supporting the Family), a conservative association known for taking a stance against the media they believe harms traditional Turkish family structure.